Olympia Youth Audubon Society

The Black Hills Audubon Society (BHAS) of Olympia believes that for the continuity of wildlife and habitat conservation young people must be constantly encouraged to take notice of and appreciate the natural environment around them. To this end, BHAS is now sponsoring the Olympia Youth Audubon Society (OYAS) for students, grades 3 through 12, interested in wildlife (particularly birds), the environment and conservation.

Participation in citizen science events and tutelage under the guidance of skilled naturalists are possible.

Youth Birding Articles

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Youth Scholarships

Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund

The Young Birders Fund was first conceived by Andy and Ellen Stepniewski and was established by the Washington Ornithological Society in 2005 to encourage and support young people interested in birding. After Patrick Sullivan’s death in September 2007, the name of the fund was changed to the Patrick Sullivan...

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Field Trip Reports

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