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The Great Washington State Birding Trail Maps

birdmap-collage-128-AFind the best places for bird watching in the Evergreen State on The Great Washington State Birding Trail maps, created by Audubon Washingto
n.Each of the Birding Trail Maps provides detailed information and directions to numerous birding sites and natural areas in a region of the state. Like the birding trails in other states, the Great Washington State Birding Trail is a series of driving loops, each with many stops. Each stop is a special place to view birds and other wildlife or the start of a walking trail along which birds may be seen.

Black Hills Audubon Society is proud to help sponsor The Great Washington State Birding Trail and its maps.

See location of each maps –

the Cascade Loop,
the Olympic Loop,
the Southwest Loop, (see more details below)
the Coulee Corridor
the Sun and Sage Loop
the Palouse to Pines Loop
the The Puget Loop

These maps are now available for purchase, with the proceeds going toward reprinting of the popular publications and promoting the trail overall. The retail cost? Just $4.95 for each map (plus tax and shipping).

The full-color maps feature original artwork of birds along the routes, plus descriptions of habitat, access, and when to go.

For example, the Trail Map for the Southwest Loop provides information on 54 birding sites in the region from Olympia south to the Columbia River and west to the Pacific Ocean. It takes travelers from the wetlands of south Puget Sound out to breaker-washed coastlines of the Pacific Ocean and then retraces some of the 1805 Lewis and Clark journey along the Columbia River.

There are stops at sheltered bays that are the winter havens of waterfowl, costal spots to see hundreds of thousands of migrating shorebirds, and inland lakes, streams, and prairies for spring and summer birding. Special thanks to Kristin Stewart and Bob Morse from Black Hills Audubon for helping develop the Southwest Loop Trail Map.

To order maps, please see the Audubon Washington shopping cart for maps web page.



“BirdingWashington.Info provides information an out-of-state birder might find useful in planning a birding trip to Washington State. An in-state birder who has not planned his or her own trips might also find this useful. It acts as a portal, or gateway, to other websites and resources. A birder who is new to this state has many wonderful resources available to learn about the birds and birding areas in the state. However, this information is scattered and there is no one website that gathers it together and provides an organized view of that information. BirdingWashington.Info attempts to do that.” (by Randy Robinson, site creator)  (BirdingWashington Site Link)