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Save the Date! Annual Dinner and Fundraiser is March 3rd, 2018 at South Sound Community College

Your Black Hills Annual Dinner committee is already busy meeting and planning our next delectable dinner and ways to raise funds to support our chapter programs. It’s not too late to join them, share your ideas, and help create a wonderful evening for our members. Please contact Sally Nole at sksnole@nullhotmail.com if you would like to get involved in preparations. Whether you are a new or long-time member, this is a great way to meet others and roll up your sleeves “for the birds.”

This year we will welcome Robert Marzluff as our keynote speaker. As a UW professor and a researcher of wildlife science, he has closely studied how birds are impacted by urbanization and habitat fragmentation. Discover his remarkable and award-winning work with crows and other birds in his books, Gifts of the Crow, with Tony Angell, and Welcome to Subirdia. You can look forward to hearing stories and insights into our complex relationship with these fascinating birds, while contributing to our programs that study and protect them in our local environment. Again, we will hold a sale of wildlife and bird themed items in addition to our raffle. If you have an item to donate, please contact Deb Nickerson at debranick@nullgmail.com. Watch our website for registration information as the date comes closer. See you there!

IRA Contribution Rules Allow Donations to Public Charities

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) owners and beneficiaries who are 70-½ or older and required to take a minimum distribution (RMD) may make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly from their IRA to any Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved public charity. The amount donated is then excluded from taxable income.

You get no itemized charitable write-off on form 1040, but that’s okay because the tax-free treatment of QCDs equates to an immediate 100% deduction without having to worry about restrictions that can delay itemized charitable write-offs. A limit of $100,000 is allowed per year, and the contribution must be dispersed directly from the IRA to the charitable organization; it cannot go to the donor to pass on to the charity. Other restrictions may apply. One needs to obtain and keep substantiation of the donation and not have received any benefit in return for making the contribution. There are other tax advantages too. BHAS is not qualified to give tax guidance; PLEASE TALK TO YOUR TAX ADVISOR IF YOU WISH TO PURSUE THIS NEW OPTION. Our chapter is very appreciative of any donation; it allows us to continue our good work. With added monetary support, we can reach more of our dreams of education and conservation projects in our service area. We have the committed individuals; it is only our budget that constrains us.

Planning Black Hills Audubon Field Trips for 2018

Come to Bonnie Wood’s house on Friday, December 15, at 6:00 to help plan field trips for our chapter for 2018.

You may be someone who has never led a field trip and feels a lack of confidence. Banish that insecurity! As many of us will attest, to lead a field trip one does not have to be an expert birder. In fact, what usually happens is that everyone in the group helps to see, listen, and identify birds. Or we just all make our best guesses! At the least, we have all practiced our birding skills and, perhaps, explored a new birding site.

You may be someone who has lots of ideas about where Black Hills Audubon field trips should go. Please come to share these ideas. Or e-mail them to me.

I will have snacks and libations to sustain you.

My house is at 2800 Aberdeen Court S.E. in Olympia. From Boulevard Avenue, turn east on 28th Street. My beige house is on the lower corner of the second cul-de-sac, Aberdeen Court. RSVP to bwood2800@nullgmail.com to give me a sense of numbers.

I look forward to seeing you!