Volunteer Opportunities September 2019

Volunteer Opportunities September 2019

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All chapter work is done by volunteers for whom we are very grateful.  There are many opportunities to become involved at a level that is comfortable for you.  Please contact Kathleen Snyder (ksnyder75@nullgmail.com) if you are interested in any of the following:

Tabling opportunity:  The Nisqually Watershed Festival, will be held Saturday, September 28th at the Nisqually Wildlife Festival and BHAS will be manning an informational table through the day.  If you like greeting people, you will enjoy spending two hours answering questions and meeting visitors.  There will be a member of the BHAS Board working with you.

Vaux’s Swift Count:  If counting graceful birds that soar high in the sky each evening as they migrate through historic Downtown Chehalis sounds interesting, this is the project for you!  Counting Vaux’s Swifts at their roost chimneys each night provides invaluable data used in ongoing research, and anyone can do it! You do not have to have any prior experience, as training is provided.  What is needed are eyes on the skies in several key locations during sunset. If you are interested in assisting with the Vaux’s Happening project at the Chehalis roosts, please contact Rachel Hudson at lightningdash09@nullyahoo.com.

Audubon Council of Washington (ACOW):  Vancouver, WA is the site for this year’s ACOW meeting on Saturday, September 28th.  The event brings together Audubon members throughout the state to learn about and discuss issues facing chapters and conservation efforts.  Everyone is welcome, and Sunday, the 29th will feature birding trips around Clark County.  To learn more and register ($40.00), please visit https://wa.audubon.org/chapters-centers/chapter-meetings.

Outreach Coordinator: The purpose of this new position is to increase our visibility to the community and to reach diverse audiences which are not part of our traditional demographic.  If you are familiar with our area’s many festivals, parades, and other environmental events (or are eager to be familiar with them), we would love to talk about how you can help BHAS expand its reach.