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20072741584_4e5b2ab1b7_kThe Echo is the newsletter of the Black Hills Audubon Society (BHAS). Usually published 5 times per year, it contains information about birds and wildlife, conservation efforts, upcoming programs and presentations, contact information, and a calendar of field trips and other events.

In 2017, the upgraded BHAS web site offered an Adobe file viewer for the Echo on the web site.  Additionally, Echo articles began appearing on the web site, many times enhanced with additional multi-media content.

The deadline for the submitting articles for the next Echo is one month prior to the issue publication date.  Please send them to Deb Nickerson

Current Issue:

Moving to Electronic Echo in July

(by Deb Nickerson) Some people have wondered why we have not transitioned to all-electronic communication prior to this year; it is a difficult decision, since so many tell us...

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Bird-banding Training Scholarships

BHAS will again offer two scholarships for bird-banding training this coming spring. The six days of training will be presented at Glacial Heritage Preserve over two long week-ends, scheduled...

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Armchair Birding: Listening to Barry Lopez “Children in the Woods,” in Crossing Open Ground

The impossibility of the lovingly crafted description of the end of the natural world and all its complicated and cherished living interconnected beings has left me bereft and empty...

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Thurston County now revising Mineral Land Policy

Thurston County government is planning a major revision of its policy on mineral resource lands that could drastically change local land use and the rural nature of the County.

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The Lake Lawrence Cell Tower Proposal: A Three Year Journey

As you may remember, Black Hills Chapter of the Audubon Society (BHAS) supported an appeal of the proposed Lake Lawrence cell phone tower at a hearing before the Thurston...

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Birding Immersion leads to Conversion

For someone to self-identify as a “birder”, there is usually a transformative experience involving a particular bird that takes one “over the edge” into the birding world.

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Nominations for the BHAS Board

The Nominations Committee (Bruce Jacobs, Elizabeth Rodrick, and Bob Wadsworth) is soliciting candidates for the board of directors. We will present a slate of officers and at-large board members...

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Review of January Board Meeting

The Board will continue to fund two scholarships of $400 each for the bird banding training offered by Center for Natural Lands Management. This training has taken place every...

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Volunteering for Your Chapter

Do you have some time and talents to share with us? There are a few things that could use your help.

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Birder Chatter

When you gather a group of birders together for a field trip that consists of both experienced and beginners, you overhear many comments that out of context sound downright...

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