Volunteer for Habitat Enhancement

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Jan Caille, a BHAS member, is working with a federal agency to restore stream and pasture habitat on an 80-acre farm near McCleary. Volunteers are needed to develop a bird list and habitat enhancement suggestions. Please contact Jan directly if you are interested in helping with this project, j.caille@nullcomcast.net.

Margery Beeler – Volunteer of the Year 2019

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Thank you from Margery Beeler – I will never find the perfect words to express my gratitude for being chosen to receive BHAS’s first Volunteer of the Year Award.

I came to Olympia in 2002 from S.W. Florida, where I was deeply involved with one of Audubon’s most impressive custodial possessions: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. This was my second post-retirement relocation from my life in Schenectady, New York, and career in public libraries. My life in Olympia has been intertwined with BHAS from my arrival, and I have loved this organization, not just for its mission (the original drawing point) but more importantly for the community of people it attracts.

My involvement in the Annual Dinner and its auction was truly a labor of love from the beginning in 2003. We never made a huge amount of money with the auction, but I always liked to think we provided members with a chance to feel they were contributing to the organization through their donations or purchases, as well as a venue at the dinner for social interaction.

As membership chair, I have been happy to maintain our membership database. While this is not always an exciting effort, I have always believed in its importance and am glad I can continue to do it for BHAS. I have enjoyed participating in the various areas in which I felt I could contribute, and I plan to contribute as long as that contribution is acceptable. Having my contributions acknowledged as valuable is the veritable icing on the cake.

Thank you all. You’ve made me very happy.

Help! We need somebody…

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All the work done for this chapter is by volunteers for whom we are very grateful. There are many opportunities to become more involved with us. If the work is spread out to many, no one is overloaded. Below are some positions that need filling.

Facebook Page Manager: Keeping our presence on FB is important. We need someone to post our events, classes and interesting photos or pieces about NW birdlife. Occasionally we have questions asked of us.

Hospitality Committee: Are you able to occasionally contribute snacks for our monthly speaker series? Help prep the room or welcome visitors? This is a great way to meet members too. We also occasionaly need volunteers to “table” an event. This involves staffing a table with our materials and talking to event attendees about our organization.

Education Committee: Do you enjoy working with youth on field trips, work parties or in the classroom making presentations? We are developing new partnerships with area schools and need more volunteers. We also need help organizing and publicizing our annual classes.

Avian Science Program Participation: There are several monitoring programs in which we participate. Duration and time commitment vary. This is a great way to support research on local bird species as well as honing your birding skills.

Please contact Deb Nickerson at debranick@nullgmail.com if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering for Your Chapter

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Do you have some time and talents to share with us? There are a few things that could use your help.

  • Facebook page monitor – keeping our Facebook page current and interesting.
  • Classroom assistance – field trip help at one of our adopted schools.
  • Hospitality – help at the speaker meetings setting up the welcome table.

Please contact Deb Nickerson at debranick@nullgmail.com to find out more.

BHAS Volunteer Staff – Bob Wadsworth

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I monitor Purple Martins at the Boston Harbor marina, and last year I trained a dozen volunteers to monitor bird use of around 50 boxes installed on pilings. This year I worked mostly on my own to monitor the population again. I lead bird walks, especially in South Sound prairie; provide bird identification expertise at the monthly Birding and Breakfast outings; and collaborate with Olympia Stream Team to organize BHAS-led birding outings at Olympia city parks in the spring. As a BHAS Board member and a member of the LBA Woods leadership group, I worked on the effort to get the City of Olympia to purchase 160 acres for a park that was originally slated for housing. And I work on the project to monitor bird usage of a site near Lake Lawrence that is intended for development as a cell-tower site.