Board Meeting Review (8/17/2019)

Board Meeting Review (8/17/2019)

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The BHAS Board held their annual retreat on August 17th.  This full day meeting mainly evaluated how the strategic plan which we approved last year has evolved.  The strategic plan laid out our goals for the coming five years, through 2024.  The full plan can be accessed on our website under About Us.

On the whole, the Board felt our progress so far was in line with our plan.  Highlights include:

  • expanding classes and field trips, especially into Lewis and Mason Counties
  • finding Avian Science and Volunteer Coordinators
  • starting an Adopt-a-School program to reach elementary students with bird curriculum
  • expanding our presence in social media (includes Facebook, Meetup, and website)
  • transitioning to an electronic newsletter
  • sending more birding backpacks into the Timberland Library system
  • working on 100% clean energy initiatives
  • focusing on the Rocky Prairie industrial re-zone in the Maytown area

Still needing to be completed:

  • finding a President and Outreach Coordinator
  • increasing public awareness of local conservation concerns as well as global climate issues
  • increasing outreach to diverse audiences
  • evaluating our fundraising and budget needs

The Board also approved a budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year and will staff a table at the Nisqually Watershed Festival at the end of the month.  Of special note was the announcement that the 2021 National Audubon Convention will be held in Tacoma.