Birder Chatter

Birder Chatter

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When you gather a group of birders together for a field trip that consists of both experienced and beginners, you overhear many comments that out of context sound downright absurd, but in the throes of attempting to identify or even spot a bird, make sense. Really. How does one explain a vocalization or the whereabouts of the sought after? Carla Miller has been recording our comments and would like to share the chuckles she’s had while a part of our forays into the natural world. We have a range of field trips and all are welcome on any of them. Join us and listen to our conversations yourself and see if you don’t find some humor too, along with several new species or bird behaviors.

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We used to call that the ‘red-headed Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.’ Didn’t it used to be called that?” – at Capitol Lake

“Best bird we saw here last year was a bear.” – At Darlin Creek

“Is that a duck or a mammal to the right of the alligator?” – From the dock at Millersylvania State Park

“The Olive sided flycatcher has a vest on and says “Quick Three Beers.”” – Along the McClane Creek Nature Trail

“Oh, it does have yellow socks!” – From the dock at Millersylvania State Park

“It’s a yellow rump acting like a flycatcher.” – At Darlin Creek

“Remember when we heard a Pygmy Owl at Woodard Bay?”
“You mean the one that sounds like heavy equipment backing up?” – At Darlin Creek

“I’m getting a Ruby-crowned Kinglet vibe.” – Early morning at Woodard Bay

“Did we lose some people or did they go home?”
“I don’t think we lost them. It’s Melanie, Sarah, and Roberta.”
“Oh, they’re doing mushrooms.” – From the dock at Millersylvania State Park

“So it WASN’T the guy that was singing?”
“That WAS the guy that was singing.”
“So it was the guy that was hopping?”
“It WASN’T the guy that was hopping.” – At Darlin Creek

“We are getting the symphonic effect.”
“Or quadrophonic.” – At Darlin Creek