Why the Initiative?

Last year, the National Audubon Society completed a 7 year study which looked at more than 30 years of Christmas Bird Count and National Breeding Survey data. It concluded that more than half of all North American bird species are at serious risk due to the changes in temperature an precipitation associated with climate change. This hold true for Washington birds as well: 189 local species are estimated to lose at least half of their current ranges by 2080 — with half of those (92 species) losing at least half of their ranges by 2050.


Some of our threatened local birds include: the common loon, American bittern, Barrow’s golden eye, bald eagle. Pigeon guillemot, rufous hummingbird, willow flycatcher, violet-green swallow, red-breasted nuthatch, evening and black-headed grosbeaks, and pine siskins. Shore birds, waders, raptors, and passerines are all included in the endangered list.


National Audubon asked each local chapter to pitch in and do something to mitigate the effects of climate change in their immediate areas. The For the Birds! Initiative is Black Hill Audubon’s response to that call for action.


Here is a link to the full birds and climate change report from National Audubon.






Progress Report