Vaux’s Happening (Vaux’s Swifts Study)

Vaux’s Happening (Vaux’s Swifts Study)

Mission:  Count Vaux’s Swifts as they enter chimneys during spring and fall migrations.

In the spring of 2008, the first research project focusing on the spring migration of the Vaux’s Swift in the Pacific Northwest was undertaken.  This was an Audubon project, spearheaded by Larry Schwitters, in cooperation with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS),  the Monroe School District, and the Washington state on-line birding list, “Tweeters”

Now, hundreds of observers, from British Columbia down to southern California and over to Yakima, look for and count Vaux’s Swifts during spring and fall.


Larry Schwitters

Or Deb Jaqua
(for the BHAS area)