The Scott Mills Bird Classes

The Scott Mills Bird Classes


Birding 101

This course emphasizes improving bird identification skills.  Major topics covered in the class include a discussion of all the factors that can be used to identify birds, a review of birding tools including binoculars and field guides, an introduction to birding terminology, some discussion of basic bird biology, and the basics of taxonomy and bird classification as they relate to identification.  This course has been offered  many times by Black Hills Audubon over the past several years under the title “Beginning Birding”, but is also as (or perhaps, more) educational for people with some birding experience.  The course has been very popular and a number of people have taken it several times.

Five two-hour classes on Saturday mornings from 9am-11am running January 13th to February 10th, 2018 at the Visitor Center at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. Two field trips are included and will be determined at the first class. Cost is $75.00 for this 5-week course. Registration is required and payment made in advance to secure your seat. Contact Ken Brown at with questions or to register. Limit of 24 participants. This class co-sponsored by Black Hills Audubon Society and Friends of Nisqually.

Advanced Birding

This class will be taught five consecutive Saturdays, February 24th through March 24th. Continue learning bird identification with more time spent on morphs, gulls, biology and behavior. Field trips are included with the course and will be determined at the first class. Professor Scott Mills is a retired Biology professor and professional ornithologist. Cost is $75.00. There is a limit of 24 persons. Registration is required and payment made in advance to secure your seat. Contact Ken Brown at to register.

About Scott Mills

Dr. Mills is a professional biologist with over fifty-five years of birding experience throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.  He has previously taught a number of beginning and specialty birding classes, most recently for Black Hills and Seattle Audubon societies.  Since moving to Washington from Tucson, Arizona in 1999, he has done a number of bird surveys at sea on NOAA ships and has been a trip leader for Westport Seabirds.