Protecting Fauna and Habitat


20074377463_6ffebe7ddc_kBlack Hills Audubon has received a grant from National Audubon to implement a personal climate-and-sustainability challenge, named “For the Birds.” It’s an opportunity for all of us to participate by making changes in the way we live.

Participants are offered an extensive list of possible personal actions what would help address climate change and/or promote environmental sustainability. Brochures, bumper stickers, and other materials are available. To participate, click here.

Why does BHAS Care About Marbled Murrelets?

The Marbled Murrelet’s sensitivity to changes in both the forest and marine environments make it an “indicator” species for the health of these ecosystems. The dramatic declines in murrelet populations indicate other species of animals and plants are also threatened and in decline.

The Black Hills Audubon Society is also interested in the Marbled Murrelet because this bird nests in our “neighborhood.”


Marine Birds/Pacific Flyway/Forage Fish/Hydraulic Code

Goldeneye_Barrow's copyWe support increased study and better management of forage fish to benefit marine birds throughout the Pacific Flyway that stretches from Alaska to Mexico and beyond.  The state is currently updating its Hydraulic Code, which regulates construction and other work in or near state waters to protect fish life. BHAS submitted public comment in 2014 to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission (which sets WDFW policy).