Live Nest Cams and Videos



  • Long-eared Owl nest in Missoula, Montana. This link automatically starts an hour-long recap of the nest’s 2013 activity.

Videos Of Birds:

Allen’s Hummingbird – A female

Allen’s hummingbird (named “Phoebe”) returned for several years to the same yard in southern California to build her nest. In 2013, the babies left the nest on March 23 and 24, 2013, respectively. See videos, below, of them fledging. On March 7, 2013, an orphan Allen’s hummingbird was put into “Phoebe’s” nest next to her own baby.  See the video of the orphan being placed in the nest.

March 23, Watch “Pip” fledge!

March 24, Watch “Fleur” fledge, with a little encouragement from Pip!

Vaux’s Swifts:

There are four species of swifts native to North America.  The Vaux’s Swift is the only swift species on the west coast.


In the links below, there are some amazing videos and photos of swifts entering chimneys in the Pacific Northwest.

In the spring and fall, groups of Vaux’s Swifts (Chaetura vauxi) use chimneys and snags as communal roosts along their migratory route. Pilchuck Audubon is heading a project to assess where these roosting spots are and how many birds may be using them. See the Vaux’s Happening web site.

Vaux’s Happening Project needs volunteers:

  • Spring and fall – report locations where swifts roost

  • Spring and fall – count the number of swifts using chimneys in Olympia and Thurston County

  • Summer  – report on Swift nesting locations

  • Summer  – report on lakes where swifts are feeding

In the Capitol neighborhood of Olympia there are at least two houses where swifts have been known to roost, historically, and we are aware of just a couple of other chimneys in the Olympia area.  There may be other locations. You can help find those locations.

Screening of chimneys is a growing problem. Houses where the birds roosted one year are often unavailable the next. It is possible that in years to come artificial roosting boxes will be used to replace screened chimneys. First we need to assess where the birds roost and how many birds are using each site.

 Your help is needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Swift Links:

Videos of Other Animals: