Library Backpack Program Success Story

Library Backpack Program Success Story

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The following letter was sent to BHAS last month:

I recently checked out the Birding backpack from the Olympia Timberland Library.  I have a 7 year old who is interested in birds.  We carefully unpacked the backpack and looked at each item the other night.  We read the binocular directions and practiced using them.  I did not know how to properly use binoculars, so that was so helpful.

Today when I picked my son up from school I brought the pack along and we had a long, leisurely walk home, by way of the Garfield Nature trail.  It was so fun to watch my little guy get so excited about finding bird nests, and identifying the few birds we saw.

Thank you for putting this lovely resource together.

Could you suggest other resources for birding that would be appropriate for children?

Thank you,

Joann T.