e-Echo or Print Echo?

e-Echo or Print Echo?

About 1 ½ years ago, an article appeared in the Echo titled Echo Format Change. In that article it was announced that the Echo would be transitioning to an electronic format. There were a few reasons the BHAS chapter considered making that change. Moving to an electronic newsletter was seen as environmentally supportive; “going green” would reduce print costs.  Providing an electronic edition could also increase readership. Many other Audubon chapters have made this change; some had no choice because printing a newsletter became cost prohibitive.

Successive Echo newsletters continued to inform about the upcoming change and members began calling and emailing with their feedback. Some members explained that they do not use electronic media nor have access to it. Others indicated they prefer print. In the Nov/Dec 2016 Echo, President Deb Nickerson explained that the transition to an all electronic Echo was on hold while the chapter worked on a plan to provide both.

In early 2017, the BHAS web page was redesigned. The printed Echo has always been archived on the web site, but the redesign came with a PDF Reader program so the Echo could be read more easily on computers as well as on mobile devices. We have also been featuring previous Echo articles on the web with added color graphics or video content. We believe showcasing these excellent articles potentially broadens public support for BHAS.

We have recently added a newsletter program that now allows us to offer an eEcho option for members. The eEcho provides the exact content of the paper Echo and will be delivered to your email inbox. Many of you may have already signed up for this style of newsletter.  An example of this is Timberland Library’s “Book Sizzle”, a review of new books.  Below is a sample of what the eEcho would like in your email except with color graphics.

Signing up for the eEcho means opting out of the print version (your choice is not irreversible in case you decide you prefer print). To sign up, go to the bottom of the main web page and follow the instructions there.