Climate Change Initiative Resources

The Hummingbird Society
Page describe 18 flowers that hummingbirds love.

Living with Wildlife
Snags: The wildlife tree.

Beyond Pesticides
This is their “pests” page, with links to detailed information about how to deal with each problem.

Green and
Safe alternatives for weed control, pesticides

Green EcoServices
Homemade pesticide and mold inhibitor recipes, all natural ingredients

Growing Vegies
Suggestions for plants to include in your garden to attract insects that eat insect pests.

Knowledge weighs nothing
6 plants that repel mosquitoes and gnats.

Colorado State University Extension
Insect control: Soaps and detergents.

American Bird Conservancy
Resources as to why cats should be kept indoors

Ways to make sure your cat is content being indoors.

Humane Society
Great tips on how to keep your cat indoors.
Lots of suggestions as to how to keep predators out of your bird houses.
“Protect your backyard birds from preditors.”
Tips on keeping snakes, hawks, squirrels, etc. away from your yard birds.
Why using an eco-friendly car wash site is better for the environment than home car washing.
Guide to nontoxic home cleaning, with recipes for different types of home cleaners.
25 recipes for make-them-yourself environmentally friendly home cleaning products.
10 tips to keep birds from hitting your windows.
How to keep birds from hitting your windows.
tips to reduce energy consumption around the house

Natural Resources Defense Council
tips for reducing energy use

tips for reducing your energy consumption

Green business bureau
outlines the pros and cons of buying local produce

US Department of Energy
tips and advice on how to save fuel costs and drive more efficiently

great list of things one can do to save energy around the home