Local Citizen Science Opportunities

As a volunteer you gather basic data, learn about birds and where they live, and contribute to scientific research . Cuts in funding for research make the role of the citizen scientist more important than ever.   We need volunteers to fill the gap.  This is your chance to make a difference!


Black Hills Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Goldeneye_Barrow's copyTo sign up to count birds or lead a group contact Bill Shelmerdine at 360 866- 9106 or georn at hotmail.com.  Everyone’s welcome.   No prior experience is required.  There’s a chili feed afterwards at 5 p.m. at Temple Beth Hatfiloh at  201 8th Ave SE, Olympia, WA.

You don’t have to stay in one spot all day, nor participate all day long.  Join us.  It’s a lot of fun.    Christmas Bird Count data are sent to National Audubon for analysis.  Data is used to monitor the status and distribution of bird populations across the western hemisphere.   


Seattle Audubon Seabird Survey

You are invited to join Puget Sound Seabird Survey sponsored by Seattle Audubon.

According to the Seattle Audubon Society’s website “….The Puget Sound Seabird Survey (PSSS) is a citizen-science survey managed by Seattle Audubon that empowers volunteer birdwatchers to gather valuable data on wintering seabird populations in Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Together, our team creates a snapshot of seabird density on more than 2,400 acres of nearshore saltwater habitat. It is the only land-based, multi-month survey in the Puget Sound region.

For more information see the Seattle Audubon Society’s website.

Vaux’s Happening (Vaux’s Swifts Study)

Mission:  Count Vaux’s Swifts as they enter chimneys during spring and fall migrations.

In the spring of 2008, the first research project focusing on the spring migration of the Vaux’s Swift in the Pacific Northwest was undertaken.  This was an Audubon project, spearheaded by Larry Schwitters, in cooperation with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS),  the Monroe School District, and the Washington state on-line birding list, “Tweeters”READ MORE

COASST (Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team)

COASST is citizen science project based at the University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences in partnership with local community and environmental organizations, and state and federal agencies.

COASST volunteers collect data on beach-cast carcasses of marine birds on a monthly basis to establish the baseline, or ‘normal’ pattern of beached bird mortality on North Pacific beaches. Baselines are crucial for assessing the impacts of oil spills, fisheries, and climate change. Data collection by COASST volunteers helps address important marine conservation issues and protects marine resources.READ MORE

Stream Team

StreamTeamlogoGoal:  Collect data/samples to help monitor various indicators of water quality in the urban environment.  These include macroinvertebrates in streams (aquatic insects), amphibians in ponds by counting egg masses, monitoring the downtown Olympia Purple Martin population, and most recently training to do shoreline surveys for forage fish



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